Anti-fraud System

Anti-fraud System

Paylivre has an anti-fraud system with its own technology that offers a unique integration, made through a single link, in a simple and customizable way.

That way we can bring you and your business a set of features that increase our protection, prevent fraud attempts and provide more security for our partners and users.

We have a robust and secure infrastructure: Design by Security, backup routines, replication, encryption, fail-over, fault tolerant and more. All this using the Google Cloud Platform, a world reference in Service Infrastructure (IAAS) and in cloud security.

We’ve achieved top marks in the most rigorous security tests that assess communication between you and our system.

All communication with our website requires HTTPS communication. Sensitive data is stored in encrypted volumes, credentials are stored with non-reverse encryption, which ensures secure storage and transit of information.

We participate in the FINTECH SEGURA program, an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Fintechs, which groups companies in the field that adopt good practices in Information Security and periodically evaluate their processes in accordance with internationally recognized standards and regulations.

We have 100% Google approval for domain configuration for maximum security in email communication.

Offer more security and protection to your user with our robust infrastructure and proprietary technology