Integration Via Gateway

In the integration via Gateway, we provide a Front-End to the payment, already with a ready check-out, so that you do not need to develop a user interface, thus optimizing your time.
Increase your conversion rates up to 90%! Offer an all-new, frictionless, faster and safer gateway for your business with Paylivre.

New Features

Zero question asked process, just 1 click to pay.

Dev-friendly onboarding program.

Monetary limit for non-logged-in users at Paylivre.

Automatic troubleshooting to inconsistent input data.

Quick validation to run KYC policies.

Front-end designed on high UX concept.

14x faster compared to previous versions.

Works perfectly on computer and smartphones.

Payment Methods

Our integration via gateway allows your company to make available to your customers all the most used means of payment in Brazil, here you can see all of them.

Offer fast and secure transactions to your users and increase your conversion rates by up to 90% with our gateway