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The purpose of this regulation is to parameterize and regulate the Paylivre Business Referral Program, in which you have the possibility to receive commissions when you act as a Paylivre’s Relationship Agent.
The Relationship Agent gets the rights to recommend the platform “Paylivre” and assist it in the process of acquiring potential Customers.
The commission will be paid to the Relationship Agent according to the percentage of the volume of transactions received by the referred Customer and according to the terms freely agreed upon in a contract to be signed by Paylivre and the Relationship Agent.

The indication of a Client by the Relationship Agent shall occur according to the following flow:

(i) introduce the possible Customer to Paylivre’s commercial sector, allowing the contact between them;
ii) to cooperate with Paylivre, providing requested information and delivering the proper assistance to the Customer’s demands.
iii) to request documents from the Consumer, as required by Paylivre’s Compliance policies.
iv) be aware that the commissions will begin to be paid when the indicated company starts operation and produces billing.

There is no subordination relationship, dependency relationship or employment relationship between Paylivre and the Relationship Agent.

Paylivre will be responsible for receiving the funds from the Customer indicated by the Relationship Agent and subsequently pass on the commissions.


Por padrão, a porcentagem de comissão devida ao Agente de Relacionamento será negociada entre as partes envolvidas e poderá ser alterada conforme o interesse de ambas as partes.

O Agente de Relacionamento poderá solicitar liquidações dos valores das comissões uma vez por mês.

O pagamento das comissões será feito em: USD, EUR, BRL ou USDT (criptomoeda). Todas as informações da conta de pagamento ou carteira devem ser fornecidas pelo Agente de Relacionamento.


Paylivre and Relationship Agent, together referred to as the “parties”, undertake not to disclose, without prior authorization, any private or confidential information of both parties, respecting the following conditions:

The parties shall protect each other’s information to the same extent that it protects its own information and shall use confidential information only as permitted hereunder.

The parties agree to take all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of each other’s Confidential Information, including but not limited to disclosing such confidentiality only to their authorized personnel.

Each of them shall put in place physical and technological security processes sufficient to protect any Confidential Information in its possession. Including, but not limited to, personal and financial data about customers, financial information about them, payment forms, intellectual property and technology.

The party receiving Confidential Information agrees to use the Confidential Information solely for the Purpose for which the dealings between the Parties are intended, unless Supplier gives its prior written consent for such Confidential Information to be used for some other agreed purpose;

The Parties agree that if the receiving Party commits a breach, or is at risk of committing a breach of the provisions of this Section, then the disclosing Party shall have the right to seek legal action to specifically enforce the terms of this Section, it being acknowledged and agreed that any breach or threatened breach could cause irreparable harm.

All intellectual property rights belong respectively to the Parties, and this agreement respects all legal provisions regarding the secrecy of information, direct intellectual property rights and information of Paylivre, being civilly and legally responsible for any legal infringement that is under its responsibility.

Paylivre is considered the sole responsible and owner of all activities performed on the site Paylivre holds all property rights, rights of use and disposal of the platform “Paylivre” and gives the Relationship Agent the right to recommend the platform to Potential Customers.

Whenever there are doubts about the work to be performed, or in progress, the parties may convene meetings to avoid possible problems with the exchange of information between them.

The parties declare to be aware of their obligations and under Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Data Protection Law).

The Relationship Agent is aware that it must submit documents requested by Paylivre in order to be approved by Paylivre’s Compliance and KYC procedures. In case the Relationship Agent is in compliance with Paylivre’s Compliance and KYC procedures, it will receive Paylivre’s partnership agreement for its signature and, consequently, it will start to operate with us.

With the acceptance of this term, the Relationship Agent indicates that it is interested in participating in the Paylivre Referral Program and commits to send documents for registration with Paylivre.

In case of legal entity, send your registration in the following form:

In case of natural person, send your application in the following form:

The acceptance of this term does not oblige the parties to enter into any contract and does not guarantee the submission to the Business Referral Paylivre Program, but it will govern the legal relationship established between Paylivre and the Relationship Agent in pre-contractual phase.

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