Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services

Some activities and services cannot be performed or sold by using Paylivre payment services. This list was made considering Paylivre’s current knowledge of laws, risk factors and reputation impact and should not, under any circumstances, be violated. It shows which Merchant Products / Services cannot be processed by Paylivre, or which Merchant Products / Services need pre-approval from Paylivre before its processing.


Adoption agency;

Prostitution agency and escort services;

Unauthorized credit agents (“loan sharks”);


Live animals;

Military weapons and ammunition, drills and controlled equipment (archery, sporting weapons, hunting equipment, replica weapons, and so on.);

Black Box (Android Boxes with pre-installed IPTV applications);


Tooth whitening without medical prescription;

Debt collection;

File sharing and cloud storage services;

Adult content, pornography and sex related products or services (for example: live porn, sex chat);

Drugs or any type of illegal substances, including products that simulate the effects of any illegal drug; as well as any substances for the manufacture of drugs and any equipment used to produce, combine, convert, process, prepare, conceal and consume illicit drugs;

Dropshipping and unauthorized sellers (“street hawker”);

Licenses issuance or government documents for Regulated activities, including and not limited to driving, fishing and hunting;

Multilevel marketing companies, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes or any program that promises profit with any term and that are not allowed by the legislation in force;

State-owned companies;

Companies that use slave labor, child labor or any other work practices prohibited by the Brazilian law;

Samba schools and associations;

Online pharmacies and drugstores;

Online auction;

Merchants who provide or refund to CARRIERS, for any reason, amounts of money (national or foreign currency, checks, money orders or securities, cashout), make simulated transactions or working capital;

Non-certified logging and mining companies;>

Direct marketing related to Tele-Services customers;

Corrosive and explosive materials, compressed gases and aerosols, flammable liquids, oxidizing materials, flammable solids;

Biological material of human origin (for example, hormones, human hair, and so on.);

Radioactive material;

Medicines (sold exclusively under prescription or not) or any substances related to the miraculous cure of any disease or health condition, including any hospital equipment;

Precious metals, jewelry or any other product made from these materials – purchase or trade;

Non-residents in the country (former “CC5 accounts”);

Foreign Currency Traders without official authorization (“money changer”);

Works of art and antiques;

Political parties (for example: campaign funding, donations and signatures from politicians, political causes);

Persons included in official sanction lists (OFAC, UN, EU, ando so on.) and foreign politicians residing in the country (exiles);

Products and supplements prohibited by the National Health Surveillance Agency or equivalent;

Products or services for body parts enlargement (such as, penis and breast enlargement)

Products that damage brands, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights (for example, counterfeit products);

Products related to pedophilia, child pornography, nudity of minors, as well as articles in any way that involve the illegal participation of minors;

Stolen, subtracted, smuggled, counterfeit, adulterated or replicated products;

Lawyer services and / or legal assistance without registration with the OAB;

Services related to travel arrangements by quotas.

Controlled substances and / or other products that pose a risk to the consumer safety;

Tobacco, nicotine or related products;

Invasive cosmetic treatments (for example, botox, peeling, etc.);

Poisons: liquid, solid or gas.


Travel agencies and airline ticket trade;

Gift Cards;

Sport Clubs;

Foreign countries Consulates and Embassies;

Foreign Currency Account for tourism agencies, tourism service providers and authorized agents to operate in the foreign exchange market;

Loan (including car consortium, mortgage and factoring);

Institutions that carry out activities related to donations and / or

“Kitties” that involve amounts above the limit determined previously;

Parties and events;

Tickets / entrance to concerts, theater, football matches, an so on;

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), their presidents, directors, legal administrators, attorneys and treasurers;

Trade Unions, their presidents and treasurers, attorneys or representatives empowered to operate bank accounts;

Politically Exposed Person (PEP);

Affiliate program;

Insurance services.

Mileage programs (for example, passenger programs, loyalty programs);

Consulting services;

Telecommunication services