What does it take to be a successful startup?

Having an innovative product, planning strategically, having a solid team and knowing how to promote your brand are essential steps to grow in an increasingly competitive market. Check out our tips!

Conquering space in the corporate environment is not a simple task, but some tips can be useful in this process. Therefore, it is important to invest in the right aspects, aiming at strengthening:

Internal, through staff honing and systems improvement; 

external, through efficient dissemination and fair delivery of goods and services.

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Where to start?

Before any action, it is necessary to study and understand the market in which your project will be included. In this way, all the major risks and opportunities will be mapped and more achievable, even if they occur unexpectedly. For this, it is worth talking to professionals with a lot of experience and seeking relevant mentorships for each area.

However, gaining these contacts may not be a simple task, as it involves the need to establish good relationships with very well-established people who may not want to take risks. So, know where to invest your energies.

Some private projects, business fairs and niche events can be some of the alternatives for doing what we conventionally call networking. However, this varies from sector to sector, and can generate better results depending on each perspective.

The first step: Have a product that makes a difference!

Once you understand all the space your startup will enter, start establishing a necessary, efficient and plausible product that is amenable to a growing business. After all, seeking to start a venture from the top can generate very high risks. In these cases, the ideal is to build a gradual evolution, programmed to grow in the short, medium and long term.

Choose an a an impressive name, preferably contemplating the pillars of simplicity and objectivity. Then create a visual identity that speaks to this whole set. This entire process can be preliminary, so it is important that all this work is done at this time. If this is not possible, seek solutions as soon as possible.

The second step: Plan strategically!

Although it remains imaginative, this step is as important as any other that you will read in our article. Establish a business plan, which will serve as a map for the actions that will be taken in the future of your company.

It is valid to plan the moment of sale of your company at this stage. Create a product or service that can be absorbed by a larger company without major obstacles.

In addition, in this draft, the budgets for each of your goals must be defined, everything explained in a detailed, coherent and realistic way. This is essential to develop the next step that we are going to discuss, related to the “physical application” of the project.

However, it is necessary to go beyond strategic planning. It is necessary that the entire company has a data-driven mentality – because there is no more room for guesswork in today’s corporate world. It is necessary to have a data driven vision with logical methods of metrication in all areas and processes of the company – from customer acquisition, strategic planning, billing monitoring to personal performance.

This provides greater security in decision-making, greater retention of customers and employees and better results in several aspects.

And for that to happen, it is necessary to invest in people who master this skill of metrication and data analysis, providing the conditions for an efficient strategic planning.

The third step: strengthen your team!

This is the time to start getting everything off the paper. For this, it is important to win over investors and supporters who believe in your idea, and who consider your plan something possible to be carried out. It’s time to go two steps back and strengthen relationships with the individuals from the first step.

Through these conversations and mentorships, it will be possible to improve the two previous points and, if all goes well, acquire financial and structural support. But take it easy. Patience is a virtue. If that level turns out to be a bigger hurdle than expected, persist and work to improve your idea through constructive criticism from professionals in your industry.

Then comes the time to apply this amount to a qualified team to develop your initiative. Here at Paylivre we offer a series of benefits, activities and conditions for our employees, given that the quality of their work directly reflects on the overall results. We invest in employee research, language programs, scholarships, mentorships and productivity bonuses. All this with a strong internal marketing and a lot of research with our collaborators to constantly improve ourselves.

This work is based on research released by the University of California in 2018, which showed what many entrepreneurs understand as common sense. According to data from the entity, happy employees can be, on average, 31% more productive. And don’t worry, this isn’t directly related to money.

We can find happiness working in a promising environment with a high development perspective. Therefore, it is worth investing in courses, seminars, and other professional development activities. In addition, having a comfortable and pleasant environment can be an extremely striking differentiator to stand out among the competition.

So, evaluate your priorities. The salary increase for a specific sector can be transformed into a rest area, for example. Finally, research, investigate and explore innovative alternatives, even if there is no consensus regarding their results. After all, mistakes are, above all, learning.

The fourth step: Promote your brand!

Start the process of promoting your brand through the most efficient channels for it. To discover this, market research can be carried out through third parties specializing in this segment. Once this data is revealed, make applications according to the return that each sector can offer, based on information about your persona or your target audience.

As much as some social networks offer more return than others, try to be plural and be present in as many environments as possible. In addition, establish your own portal to feed your potential consumers present at all stages of the sales funnel, a strategy used in digital marketing. Among the most viable possibilities are blogs and authoring websites.

Also, contemplate all the devices you can, from desktops to tablets. But it is worth mentioning to direct many of its efforts to cell phones.

A survey carried out by the Center for Applied Information Technology, an area belonging to the São Paulo School of Business Administration of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP), revealed that Brazil has over 234 million cell phones spread across its territory. In more direct numbers, this means that we have over one device per inhabitant.

The moment to shine!

Of course, what we are offering is not a manual for success, the idea is to be a broad and direct guide. However, we rely on solid information to make this article grounded in relevant content. Following all these steps, your company will be increasingly able to conquer space in the corporate environment.

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