Paylivre - Business Referral Program

Our referral program is simple: you refer Paylivre to other companies and when they start using our services, you earn a percentage of everything that is transacted in the company you referred.  It’s a program where everybody wins!

How does it work?

You get in touch with companies that meet the ideal customer profile for Paylivre.

You get in touch with companies that meet the ideal customer profile for Paylivre.

Paylivre validates the mutual interest, checks the company's documentation, and signs the service contract.

The integration is executed, functionality is tested, and the enterprise is put into production.

From the approved transactions, you receive the reward according to Paylivre's referral program.

Ideal companies for Paylivre

Sports Betting and Online Casino

Sports betting companies and online casinos that serve Brazilian customers.

International Investments

International investment companies that serve Brazilian audience and that are legally registered abroad. Ex: Forex, Binary Options, Stock Exchange and Derivatives.


Online game companies, app games, publishers, and stores selling skins that serve Brazilian audience.

International E-commerces

International e-commerces that serve Brazilian customers and that are legally registered abroad.

International E-learning

International course sites that serve Brazilian clients and that are legally registered abroad.

Digital Services

Sites and online service platforms that serve Brazilian customers and that are legally registered abroad.

Sign up to be a referral

If you want to be a referral, click here and fill out the form.

Access here the regulation

Access the rules of the referral program and see in detail how it works. *Required reading.

B2B Referral Program

You help us find and connect with new companies and we pay you for it.


Individuals and companies, residing in countries that are NOT sanctioned and that do NOT have an active formal labor contract with the indicated company.
Any company that has valid and correct documentation in accordance with the legislation of its country of registration.
Your commission is agreed upon with Paylivre’s commercial team and varies according to the delivery volume of the referred company.
You will receive it at the end of each month on a pre-agreed date. On this day you will receive via e-mail a report for your audit and a deposit to the account indicated by you.
After submitting your application form, you will receive an email requesting further documents and proofs. After sending these, Paylivre has 5 working days to inform you if your application has been accepted and then start receiving companies referred by you.
After our commercial team receives your recommendation, we will make contact with the person you have indicated who will be responsible for the negotiation, identify their commercial interest in using the Paylivre service and validate the documentations following our KYP process mentioned in the regulation. On average, the process takes about 14 calendar days. After everything is approved we proceed with the closing of the contract and integration.