Avoid problems in your high-risk operations!

Digital transformation and market internationalization have generated several opportunities to undertake and invest in the Brazilian public, especially in the high-risk segment.

As a result, companies need to be able to detect suspicious or potentially fraudulent patterns and prevent financial fraud.

One of these important procedures is Know Your Customer, a term that defines the set of compliance strategies that have to do with the prevention of crimes such as identity fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Know Your Customer policies are commonly present within financial institutions, credit companies, fintechs and insurance companies. The main objective is to assess the risks of crimes such as money laundering, in order to enhance lawful profitability and obtain increasingly better results.

In Brazil, KYC is regulated by important fraud prevention rules (check the list below). If your company wants to avoid risks and succeed in the Latin American market, Paylivre offers onboarding with specialized support and performs all the necessary services, such as document copying, to ensure security and transparency throughout the process. Contact us and don't miss this great opportunity for your business.

Check out the main rules of the Brazilian market:

Prevention to money laundering Law(Lei 9.613/98);

Circular 3.461 do from Central Bank of Brazil;

Instruction 301 of money laundering prevent actions;

Resolution 4.753 from Central Bank of Brazil;