Financial Challenges for Bookmaker Operators: Strategies in the face of blockage

In recent days, we have witnessed a series of important exposés relating to casino activities in Brazil. A report aired on 17/12 on a television program and caused considerable repercussions by exposing more than 100 million in the balance of a famous casino and betting house blocked in the Brazilian courts.

So, what to do?

Well, if your company's account is blocked by the courts, there's not much you can do, at least not quickly. The investigation that blocked your account as a precautionary measure along with due legal process will take years to complete and, frankly, the chances of the amounts in the account being released are low.

So the best option you have is to work in a way where, should this happen, your operation will be able to pass through the measure intact. And with this in mind, we present Paylivre's crypto settlement solution.

With Paylivre, you have an instant settlement flow via crypto, an option that can be easily incorporated into your operating systems. With an instant payment and settlement flow in cryptocurrencies, the risk of balance retention doesn't exist, as the amount doesn't sit in a bank account waiting to be settled, it doesn't even go through the SWIFT banking system.

For more details on the other benefits of crypto flow, here are two articles where we explain how it works and its advantages, such as speed, global reach, no currency exposure and more. How Paylivre works to reduce its clients' currency exposure // Crypto Settlement at PaylivreContact us through the link Meet with João Oliveira and get this flow running in your company now and guarantee your financial security.

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