Paylivre and Qwintry partner up for activities in Brazil

One of the largest and most reliable parcel forwarding companies in the world, Qwintry, has just signed a partnership agreement with Paylivre – a borderless digital payments fintech headquartered in Barueri – to be the payment intermediary for its services in Brazil and thus offering the Brazilian public safe and discounted purchases, direct from the United States.

With Qwintry, you can buy smart devices like Echo Show, Echo Dot and many other types of gadgets on Amazon USA. In addition, you can also buy clothes, watches and other products in various US online stores in a convenient and safe way. In addition, you can order additional packaging, measure products, and check electronics.

Qwintry still offers Global Green insurance. If your order is lost or damaged, you can request a refund! In addition, there is an assisted purchasing service, in which a team of purchasing experts offers advice and checks that everything is ok with the products, the seller's reputation, the total cost of shipping and the sending of the service invoice. 

For the CEO of Paylivre, Marcos Oliveira, the partnership meets several needs of the Brazilian consumer and consolidates Paylivre as a payment intermediary capable of offering an excellent service to companies around the world.

“Paylivre users will now be able to rely on Qwintry for the support and security they need for facing a number of problems, such as difficulties shopping in US online stores due to language barriers, or the fact that the store does not accept credit cards from Brazil or does not send purchases to redirectors. Also for those who don't want to waste time with websites and prefer someone to make the purchase for them. In addition, Paylivre offers a series of payment methods, such as PIX and wire transfer, facilitating transactions” says Marcos.

The partnership between the Brazilian fintech company and the giant of the US parcel segment also marks the expansion of Paylivre in serving different markets such as e-commerce, games, betting, among others.

“Paylivre has grown every year and has worked hard to offer the best technology and services for digital payments. With this, we have conquered new audiences and markets and we are increasingly moving towards offering a world of opportunities and possibilities for our users”, adds Marcos.

Use Paylivre to facilitate your purchases at Qwintry!

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